I wrote the following piece as update #11 in our GDO Kickstarter project. I thought I would let it live on in another place as my first blog post.

Today is May 14. Seven days remain on our Kickstarter. We are all realists here, and when we understood we weren’t going to get major game / press coverage, we knew that insufficient “eyeballs” were going to actually see our project to be successful.We are still supporting it and there are good reasons to do so. Mainly, as long as we can create additional awareness for who we are and what we want to accomplish, the potential for good things to happen also increases.

Kickstarter has changed a lot since we first looked into it last July. We held on to the hope that our idea, our excitement, and our confidence would shine through to people. Especially to gamers who have dabbled in what social media games have to offer and come up short on what we call a “real” game. We have great plans for GDO… but quite obviously they are now in danger. This has certainly been a learning experience, and we know that if we were to do it again there are several things that would need to change in order to get press coverage in today’s game journalism environment. Really, we knew several months ago, but this Kickstarter had to go as is based on real life circumstances… with a lot of hope and a lot of effort from only a few people.

I personally want to thank everyone who recognized the value and the idea, of what we put forward and backed us, as well as shared our many Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and game-board posts. If you are reading this, I am asking you for your backing and your public support, despite the astronomical odds now against our success. Why? Because we would like to try again, but first we need a capital seed to build out what is needed to show the world our game with a playable demo. To get a seed, we’ve got to be able to convince an investor that our idea will be interesting to the public, and an increased number of backers (and a bevy of “likes” on our Facebook page) will provide evidence as such.

So, (If you see this before May 22, 2013) back us. If you already have, encourage your friends and fellow gamers to. Like us on our Facebook Cool Queue Studios Fan page. Tweet us to people with huge followings. Write some positive and/or encouraging comments on the Kickstarter page. The amount of money you back us for is not important at this stage. There is extremely little chance that the project will meet its goal and therefore cause anyone to be charged. But numbers will help us. Help us build a community for GDO. We know the game will be awesome, and we want to make it for you as much as we want to make it and play it ourselves. This company and this game has been something I’ve hoped and worked for – for most of my adult life. You have my deep appreciation for whatever support you can give.

-Scott Quiggle

“Even his piñata’s fight back” <– The funniest quote i’ve heard in an advertisement in many years.

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