Cool Queue Studios was a bootstrapped start-up.  We wanted to create the potential of respectable incomes by creating individual investment in the financial success of a project. The associated risk of working for project equity alone made it hard to bring top-notch people aboard to work on a project with an accelerated timeline. So we looked into raising capitol several ways.

We made this company for the love of making games. We did this because we believed in the project. The potential reward was a side benefit. We had jobs elsewhere to pay the bills, and this was our mutual reach at the brass ring.

Our goal in seeking investors was to accelerate the development of our P1 Project (GDO) by raising money to hire more team members and provide us with the ability to transition ourselves to the project full time.

A project was created on KICKSTARTER.COM that was live until May 22 2013. This would have allowed interested people to “crowd fund” the project and receive “Kickstarter rewards” for their contribution.

Though CQS is mothballed, I would still like to hear from you. Click here to send me a note. If you have a desire to be involved in the making of groundbreaking games, pardon the cliche – “my door is always open.” We’ll dialog and see what me can do to breath life into this venture, or a new one. There is no circumstance, short of my death, where you would not find me interested in discussing the creation of games.

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