It’s been a little while since I did this in the “year of the movie” sequence of posts. This year, last minute, I realized how much fun I had when I did that. I thought that even with only two weeks ago, I could make a push through all the “Best Picture” nominees. I did. The Academy Awards show is already on my TV as I write this, so I’ll keep it short, because I want to publish my predictions before the winners are realized. Chris Rock and Steve Martin are killing the opening jokes. And so, I’ve seen every one and I will only make a prediction on Best Picture, with caveat that I was not able to see Parasite. A brief comment, and a selection and that’s it this time around…

Ford v Ferrari Poster
Not a racing fan, per se, but I’ve had my experience at Watkins Glen when I was young. This movie capture the sound and feel better than anything ive ever seen on any screen. It felt real, it had a good rendition of a real story, and in the end, I loved the movie. Production and cinematography was great. The acting was good, especially from Christian Bale.


The Irishman Poster
Powerful. A cast of who’s who in acting. I see why it was nominated. Especially Al for Hoffa. I had two problems with it. It needed to be edited down. Sometimes a great movie needs the length, but this one suffered a little from it. Having these great men play their characters as young men was distracting and ineffectual. I applaud the attempt, but in the end it took away from it.


Jojo Rabbit Poster
Wow, what a unique pick. I watched this one today so it is fresh. How do you put Hitler and anti-semitism in a movie, deliver a message, and laughs to go along with it? Here it is, and it deserves to be here. “F-OFF Hitler!”


Joker Poster
I have never been much of a fan of DC movies. I think the majority of them are just bad. There are some exceptions – and this movie is at the top of them all in terms of depiction of mental illness, blow your mind acting, and suspension of disbelief in a super-hero universe. I had low expectations and was bowled over by Joker.


Little Women Poster
I read Little Women in high school – because we had to for one of my english classes. That was a very long time ago, and I didn’t have the near appreciation for good writing that I do now (or even a few years later in college). My wife has a better memory of it than I do, and she couldn’t wait to see this movie. I was truly impressed at how immersive it was, and the writing that carried from the book into the spoken word. I think there were a couple of opportunities to deliver a more emotional punch around a central point in the movie that was in the book, and left out of the movie, and so therein lies a noticeable imperfection.


Marriage Story Poster
Ok I’ll be honest, I hated this movie. Misnomered – probably to get people to watch it, because whose going to watch the real name: Divorce Story.  The acting is good, but not great. There are actors I would have picked from other movies before Adam Driver for sure. The story feels very real – and since I’ve been through a contentious divorce, it made me sick and angry. A well done movie then, yes – but there was too much whitewash in the end – so I don’t feel it belongs here at all.


1917 Poster
An incredible movie from beginning to end. A great story. Intense. Hours went by, most on the edge of my seat, and I didn’t notice the time pass. I did not have the time to dig deep and verify the historical accuracy of its details – but it made me want to. Great acting and cinematography. It has it all.


Once upon a Time in Hollywood Poster
I knew the story of Sharon Tate. As I watched Taratino’s the fictional story spin up in style and powerful acting, set and surrounded by real Hollywood places and people of the late 60’s I leaned more and more into the film, wondering where fiction might meet reality. Tartantino re-wrote it in his patented way and like nearly all of his films, shocks you with that one mind blowing scene intensity. Fantastic Film. Admittedly, I’m a Taratino fan, and both DiCaprio and Pitt were pretty incredible.


Parasite Poster
I didn’t see it. Not by intent… I just ran out of time. If it wins, my bad – I will see it post show.



Nearly every year, I have a clear winner. The last time I was wrong was the Avatar debacle. (Don’t get me started I’m still mad at that one.) This year, there isn’t one. So, by process of elimination, First, I’ll narrow it down to the three I liked best.

  1. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
  2. 1917
  3. Ford vs. Ferrari

Now. I have to choose. I think that the Academy will choose Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and I’m OK with that. But my choice is:


I hope you enjoyed reading this, and get the chance to see all these good films. What did you choose?

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