From 2010 through 2013, This was the team.

Scott R Quiggle

President of CQS

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Scott has 26 years of experience working and managing in the Software Development Life Cycle. He has worked for several different industries including Education, Photo Technology, Bio Technology, Gaming, and the Department of Defense. He has been an important contributor to successful software projects for well known companies like Bausch and Lomb, Kodak, and Boeing. In addition to running the “company business” he is acting as Chief Product Owner of CQS’s P1 project. Scott says: “To make it happen, we all wear a lot of hats and work like maniacs in each of them. Most of my hats have the Dolphins logo on them.” Scott also is a father, gourmet cook, a vintner and winemaker, and a writer.


Robert Warren

P1 Product Owner, Technical Adviser

Robert Warren is a multi-media software developer with over 30 years of experience.  His products have included real-time applications for medical, industrial, gaming, and educational venues.  He has successfully directed small to very large projects ($10 Billion).  Mr. Warren has been an invited speaker to national conferences, and has helped his teams win national awards for product excellence.


Mister Phil

P1 Product Owner, Technical Adviser

Phil is a top-notch software engineer with somewhere south of a million years of experience, a passion for gaming, and an entrepreneurial spirit driven by the desire for wagonloads of money. He works a full time gig, day trades like a maniac, and comes home to hobbies like making robots, building and flying helicopters, and of course writing code that will do great things. Phil says: “I’m old and a lot of things make me mad, so I code to make them better”.

Sean Kennedy

Sean Kennedy

Concept Artist

Sean Kennedy. You can’t get much more Irish than that. The Irish have always been well known as artisans, starting even before the time of the Celtic Monks who “illuminated” biblical texts. Sean is no exception. He is a Graphic and Fine Arts guru with over 30 years of experience.