Galactic Domination Online did not succeed in its Kickstarter funding and the project was shelved. This was the dream: This game is the culmination of a idea born in 1988 when it was run as PBM and PBeM on Compuserve until 1995. Here you will find features, artwork, and storyline from the brand new title. Please, read more, and explore what’s in store for you in the dawn of the Galactic third age.

Galactic Domination Online

A few worlds of each major race have survived the age of the Core Annihilation. The versatile Human. The aggressive Kirzaka. The cerebral Navitas. The industrial Silex. All have memories of what they once were, but much has been lost. A new & unexplained force defends the remaining non-machine ruled worlds. Your people have discovered that you have been altered: your generation has ceased to age. Something unknown has devastated the massive attack fleets, disrupted and disorganized the automatons of the Core. Though they still occupy the worlds they have cleansed, their aggression, at least for now, has abated. You are a born leader. You crawled out of your cave into a new age, and have made it your mission to pick up your downtrodden people, venture back into the stars, reunite your race, rebuild an empire, and avenge the genocide of your people. It is clear that you must beat the other races to the heart of the galaxy where you will defeat, capture, and hold the power that awaits you in the galactic core. Here are some of the features we have built into our game:

  • Race customized User interface. This is your view as the leader of your empire. Watch the news ticker, scroll over each leader for important updates from their AOR, and click on them to proceed to their localized command page and issue orders.
  • Intelligently generated perpetual game play environment. Each game instance is unique.
  • Character building. You play ship captains, colony governors, research scientists and field generals and can advance their skill sets and bonuses.
  • Four playable races: (Click on them to read more!)





  • One Common Enemy



Ship Classes. Currently, there are 20 ship classes for each race. Fly them with a unique captain.


  • Configurable Ships. Ships can be constructed on a base class design and equipped with any number of available systems and technologies


  • Technology research. Many technologies with deep levels of research advancement to unlock. Discover them with a research scientist.
  • Armed Forces. Build, equip, and train armies. Lead them with a general.
  • Colonies. Establish and build new colonies or conquer existing ones. Mine resources, construct buildings, manufacture, grow your population. Manage them with a Governor.
  • Alliances. Recruit other emperors of the same race and manage your federation, kinship, coherence, or union.
  • Diplomacy and Trade. Declare war, negotiate peace, and initiate trade agreements.
  • Strategy. Configure ships and fleets to behave your way in battle. Manage ongoing battles for control of colonies.
  • Communication. Send messages and make declarations between leaders.
  • Notification. Configure your Comms officer to contact you with urgent news.
  • Fame and Infamy. Build your reputation into that of a hero, or become despised as a traitor. Your reputation affects how others will be able to interact with you.
  • Win. There is an endgame to each galaxy. Defeat the machines, capture, and hold Core Prime. There can be only one.