About CQS

A long long time ago in a city far far away from San Diego… When I was 17 years old, I began “hacking” many of the games I had on my AppleIIe. Not the piracy type of hacking… using the various editors to break into the source code and make changes. I wanted to enhance them – make them better.

I taught myself several different languages this way before I ever took my first programming class in school. I built upon and added tons of cool functionality to titles like Ultima, Star Trek, and Tuesday Morning Quarterback. Skip ahead a few years. When I graduated from college, I had degrees in creative writing and computer science. With my love for games, I was certain I was destined for a career making them. It never quite worked out that way. Skip ahead MANY more years. Cool Queue Studios was an attempt to revisit my childhood dream job as well as develop a PBM game that I had designed in the 80’s into a multiplayer social behemoth.

We were a start-up game company. We were a dedicated team of technical and artistic entrepreneurs living and working in America’s most beautiful city: San Diego. Our mission was to build original and addicting multi-player social media games that introduce strategy and competition in ways that appeal to the gaming public looking for more. We imagined creating dynamic environments where you play with and/or against hundreds, or even thousands of players in real time. We believed in fun, challenge, teamwork and an endgame. We believed in quality content, from story to artwork, incorporated into deep designs. The ultimate goal to our games was to win it all! Our games were to be dynamically generated so no two are ever the same… so if you don’t succeed the first time, they would have high replayability and users would come back again and again.
Cool Queue Studios is now a mothballed company and no longer operates as a business entity. I have taken the name and the site and turned it into my personal brand and web playground. Consider this site to ALWAYS be under construction.