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Last night, I watched my first movie using my MoviePass card at the AMC Mission valley 20. I have been meaning to see Star Wars Episode VIII since it came out, but priority, time, and opportunity never intersected until now. I enjoyed the movie. Am I a Star Wars fan? Sure. Am I a fan-boy? Most assuredly not. I have never felt that the writing for any of the movies was very good, but they are all well acted and directed and pretty much fun. To see the critics rate this high and the users rather low was a surprise to me. I saw everything the critics liked about the movie. It defied some of the repeated conventions of the series and it focused on the internal struggles of both the main characters and the remaining cast of the original movies. This gave them each a little more depth than we’ve seen in the past. Tension remained high as each encounter extracted noticeable loss, which in turn was felt instead of ignored. Some technical plot issues were cheapened by poor or explanations of convenience. I think the story could have used a couple more rewrites. Clearly it set up desperate stakes for the final chapter. I had to see what so many of the fan-boys were complaining about that dragged down the score and read a number of their reviews. They too disliked the weak plot (gravity bombers in space? A magical tracking device? cloaked ships that aren’t cloaked…) I didn’t have a problem with the overt feminism, except for the vice admiral acted by Laura Dern, who portrayed about as little leadership gravitas as an elementary school english teacher mailing a final semester in before retirement. J.J. Abrams certainly has a penchant for tearing down the history and conventions of pre-existing canon (which I find to be intrusive). My rating for “The Last Jedi” lies firmly between the Critics and Users at about 75%.

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