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My second movie review and I’ve already broken a “rule.” Read The book then watch the movie. I admit, I had no idea who Molly Bloom is, anything about her story, or that she’d written a book that this movie was based on. My bad for not doing my homework, and post-film I regret not doing it. I had to look up Jessica Chastain to see what her body of work was, and realized i’d seen many of her films. (I love The Martian!). She was strong and very sexy in this film. At times, the lines she was speaking didn’t quite line up with her persona, but I never wanted her to leave the screen. I looked up Sorkin too, but not because I didn’t remember him as a writer. I must admit, I am a fan of smart, witty dialog that can poke, prod, make you think and make you laugh. Molly’s game delivered a deluge of dialog – so much so that at time I felt like I was drowning in it, but I laughed often, and appreciated much of it’s cleverness. Post watch, I had that feeling like I’d eaten too much ice cream. Idris Elba delivered a couple of diatribes that were pretty spectacular – though he didn’t remotely resemble any lawyer I’ve ever known so I had a weird dichotomy of enjoying his performance and not totally buying him in the role. I never cared for Kevin Costner. The one thing I agree with from the many reviews I flipped through was it was too long. The pace of light speed talking (including narration) didn’t equate to the crab-walk of story. As long as you appreciate “talkies”, I recommend it. 

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