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I have been a fan of the Miami Dolphins my whole life. I have been, or wanted to be, a writer in some capacity for almost as long. When I was graduating from college (about a quarter of a century ago) my plan was to combine my degrees in Computer Science and English to fashion a career in making computer games. On a whim, I applied for a job as a sports writer at the Miami Herald because, I thought, how much fun would it be to cover my favorite team and get paid for it? Maybe more than making games! Nothing came of that application. But what if it had?

I have a group of Dolphins fan friends. We’ve all played football at some level, even if it was just the school yard variety. My inner circle, the guys I chat with about this team and other NFL stories are all well-educated successful business men that share the same passion. As I write this, our average age is around half a century, so we’ve pretty much seen it all. These guys are Alex, Jeff, and Eric. I will quote or paraphrase what they have to say from time to time. So that I have a source in a younger generation, I’ve got Alejandro as well. Some of us live in San Diego, others are still anchored on the east coast. One of us is from Miami and remembers games in the Orange Bowl fondly, another lived there for a good portion of his life and was a season ticket holder at JRS. One is a graduate of the U. I am the writer but they are my muses, my sounding boards.

Who are my influencers? These days, I listen to a lot of sports radio and usually prefer a national perspective to a local one.  (See this post). I drop in on WQAM occasionally to hear what Joe Rose, The Big O – Orlando Alzugaray, Hochman, Crowder and Krantz have to say AFTER a Dolphins game.  I used to listen to “Hammerin’ Hank”, Goldberg.   My opinions are my own and not parroted from their broadcasts. I’ve read Armando Salguero for a long time now. I used to think he’s the one that got that job I applied for. I’ve read many of the other Miami writers over the years, starting with the elder statesman Edwin Pope.

I don’t have any special access to the team so I’m not going to be able to provide inside stories on players or coaches or practices. What you will see comes from a lifetime of watching football, and playing at being an analyst, from listening and reading not only Dolphins materials, but those of other teams as well. Maturity has given me a distance from the myopia I had as a young fanatic. The picture that I paint will often have a lot of darkness in it because, at least with the current ownership, I am not a believer. Where I see light, I will expose it, to counter the disdain that has built up since Shula and then Marino retired.

In summary, this blog is written by a well-educated mature football fan, inspired by the lively discussions of other men wearing the same colors, influenced by media both local and national, neutral and not, and will be full of insight and opinion of coaching, players, and the general management of the Miami Dolphins – with occasional other sports related topics thrown in. It is my hope that you will be entertained.

-Scott Quiggle

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