OK, so I never followed through on the sport blog I started here. Believe me, reading my opinions of the Dolphins 2017 season would have been a dismal journey through yet another bone jarring fall off the bandwagon. But I am not here today to commiserate on my downtrodden Phins. Instead, I will describe my premonition for Super Bowl LII. One that all of us Patriots haters have dreamed of, and yet to witness. This Super Bowl Sunday will be the event that finally, utterly, and completely brings on the final Armageddon for them. Here’s what will happen.

The Eagles are man for man a better team than the Patriots with two exceptions. Tom Brady, and Bill Bellicheat. The Eagles aren’t just going to win the game, they are going to destroy the Patriots. It it won’t be just the score. Tom will be knocked out of the game early in the second half. Remember how the Cowboys beat the crap out of Jim Kelly? Yeah, like that. The Patriots will already be down two scores when that happens, and the Eagles will go on to win in a route. That’s not even the good part.

Everyone knows that Josh McDaniels is leaving to coach the Colts. Matt Patricia is leaving to coach the Lions. In the post-game press conference, Bill Bellicheat is going to announce his retirement and walk away from the franchise. Tom’s injury won’t be career ending medically, but his wife and the realization that at 41 he will have to come to an entirely new coaching staff and system, combined, will cause him to announce his retirement in another few weeks. This Sunday will mark the complete and total end of the New England dynasty. They won’t be competitive again for many many years to come. With the last, best hope for a continued run now playing in San Francisco (Jimmy G), that’s it folks. No coach, no QB, no running game, not much of a defense. It’s over.

Mark it down. Record it. Read it here now and come back to me on Monday with your guru and mystical praises.

Or, I could be full of shit and Brady will lead his 1000th comeback victory and Bellicheat will glue things together for another year. Ho hum. We’ll see.

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