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First, a bit on my “rules”. I created several for myself before starting this business of writing reviews. The purpose was designed to limit the time I spend doing them. After all, I have an 11 year old unfinished manuscript to work on, aside from a job and family life. Now that I’m playing this Oscars game, the rule I set to write only reviews for movies I see using the MoviePass gets shattered, opening the gateway between worlds… I mean, creating the potential to happily waste more time by writing more reviews. Sigh. Get Out is a slow cooked meal. It take’s some time to get things right, and then everything falls apart into surprisingly delicious pieces. What begins as a blatant piece on meet the parents with racial relationships, twists it’s way into some sick shit, accelerating to 88mph by the end. Daniel Kaluuya gives a steady, smooth as peanut butter believable performance, until you hit the nuts that have settled at the bottom of the jar.  Very good, but not Best Actor. Allison Williams sucked me in and spit me out covered in bile. It’s too early in the “watch them all” game to say, but I might of nominated her for Best Supporting Actress. Lil Rel Howery consistently made me laugh and has the best lines. Memorable. Keepers. However funny the comedic role was, it jerked the movie out of it’s rhythm every time the scenes shifted to him (and back). It was like he was in a different film.  I loved the movie, It gets a 90% from me, but not my vote for best picture.

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