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Personal Blog, AD 3133 November 17.
Noah Connors, Senior Clone-Tech Scientist, LDVCorp

I’m taking a break from work this afternoon to express my optimism now that a few years have passed since the Galactic Event, and what this could mean for the future of the human race. Humans haven’t changed much in their three thousand (plus?) year history. We are born, we eat and defecate, we learn and love, we procreate, we die. Most Humans remain “purist” in body. Skin color and sex remain as we have always known it, though technology makes change possible. Geneticists and other sciences well before my time have made many advancements that alter both trivial and non-trivial aspects of our race. Superfluous things like eye, hair, and nail color can be changed for male and female alike as easily as changing one’s clothing. Disease has been conquered. Aging slowed.

My area of expertise is in cloning. Our database can store every byte of a human (as well as many other races) and all we need is the slightest bit of genetic material and time to bring a clone to life, fully aware and knowledgeable up to the moment their “backup” was made. But there are laws that were passed millennium ago we still adhere to, for the most part. We don’t make changes to the human genome. There are rumors of black markets that do not adhere to this.

The Core Annihilation destroyed a great deal of culture and knowledge, and If not for this great company I work for, all could have been lost. Assuming the Galactic Event effects hold, Humanity will rise again. Perhaps we will be able to challenge the Core and take back what we have lost. Undoubtedly, much and more will make a comeback as society and culture expands again. It will be interesting to note what new things arise for us all during this resurgence.

The event itself has changed us. Those who lived through it seem to have stopped aging. I am one of the lucky. As a leading geneticist at LDVC, I have spent many hours helping research teams try to discover how this was done, without results. Using my own DNA samples from before and after the event, DNA sequences within the 23 chromosome pairs of the cell nucleus seem completely unaltered. Early evidence suggests that this “immortality” does not carry over to new born humans (or others). Silex, Navitas, and even some few Kirzaka also work for LDVC. Those that lived through the event have also been altered. The mystery remains undiscovered.

We at LDVC are removed from the struggles of everyday life on the rim planets that still hold the key to the future of our race. It is our company directive to help all where we can. The unspoken byline is “for profit”. I suppose that that philosophy, good leadership, and luck are the reasons we’ve outlived any other corporate entity in galactic history. Go Humans!

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