Expeditionary Force, Book 7 “Renegades” by @CraigAlanson (Craig Alanson) . 3 minutes into chapter one. To really get the background you’d have to read book 6 - but you don’t need it for the message. The author, wrote this prior to Covid. It is prophetic, funny, and true.
A cool late afternoon coffee and book on a sidewalk patio in Del Mar. chillin with the imagination of ⁦ @LouDPhillips SRQuiggle photo
I saw this on FB and thought of you guys. ⁦ @TYandThatGuy SRQuiggle photo
Wow! Awesome job! Truly something to be proud of. @rushtheband is/was the best.
The Ohio State University Marching Band @TBDBITL
Here's our tribute to the amazing @rushtheband! "Tom Sawyer" below, link to the full show below!



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