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Welcome to my personal Blog. Here I will write about business, sports, games, entertainment, food, wine-making, philosophy… Though it is hosted at Cool Queue Studios, these are my personal thoughts and opinions and do not necessarily reflect that of the company (as if that matters now). I do my best to avoid politics and religion because they both annoy me. Recipes contained here are of my own design.

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There’s a Hitch in my Unbelief

A week or so ago, a valued friend and mentor posted this link to her Facebook account: Scottish “Fight Song”
It gave me goose-flesh. Not because the music is beautiful, or expertly performed, though it is… but because of the strange effect these sights and sounds have had on me during my time on this planet. It has injected the drug of doubt into the Chronicles of Scott Quiggle the Unbeliever.

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Steelhead and Tomato Stew (Low-Carb)

A conundrum produced this recipe. How do I create a delicious dish that (1) keeps me in ketosis, (2)satisfies my craving for seafood, and (3)provides my family with an opportunity to enjoy fish by integrating it as a component flavor instead of the main feature of a dish?

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Plum & Coconut Cream Tart

About three years ago my wife came home with three fruit trees and gave me the look that means “the rest is up to you.” One was a peach tree, the second was a pear tree, and the third tree was a plum tree. I planted the peach and pear in the back and the...

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Food Porn for the Game of Thrones Season 3 Finale

And then we come to the Wintercakes (Elizabethan style). I’ve never tasted anything like them, and holy crap are they good! Ginger, pine nuts, currants, dried cherries, marsala… not a combination of flavors I would have come up with. They smell great and taste even better, and are so filling that just one these hockey pucks of joy, quartered, was enough to satisfy four people after that feast.

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The Future of CQS and GDO

I wrote the following piece as update #11 in our GDO Kickstarter project. I thought I would let it live on in another place as my first blog post. Today is May 14. Seven days remain on our Kickstarter. We are all realists here, and when we understood we weren’t going...

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