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Welcome to my personal Blog. Here I will write about business, sports, games, entertainment, food, wine-making, philosophy… Though it is hosted at Cool Queue Studios, these are my personal thoughts and opinions and do not necessarily reflect that of the company (as if that matters now). I do my best to avoid politics and religion because they both annoy me. Recipes contained here are of my own design.

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Finding New Music

I have an imagination that works constantly, from running fantasies about the amazing things I’d do if I won the lottery to imagining a bucket list item being fulfilled … like getting the chance to play the drums on stage with band I love, for a song… I regularly think about those choices in life that have taken me down the path I’m on, as in – what if I’d chosen something different? A writer, a chef, a military officer, a drummer, a detective, a radio host, a football coach, a winemaker… or, in this case, a music producer. 

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Rule Number One for Songwriters

I have one rule when it comes to a song that, when violated, instantly dictates that I will not like it. No matter the artist. No matter the genre. I am talking about a phrase, repeated, consecutively, more than twice, particularly without change in meaning by inflection or change in dynamics. Join me as I describe why I hate the Grammys, discuss music that breaks the rule, and get creative “correcting” the lyrics of a brand new Shinedown song.

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Dolphins Owner’s Neglect Forces Fan Retirement

This is a move to preserve my ego, sanity, and not be dragged down by the embarrassment of how poorly the Miami Dolphins are managed. As I pack my father’s old army duffel with jerseys, jackets, hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, shorts, polos, and even socks to store away in the back corner of my closet, I am thinking that I will not live to see the day that the Dolphins are good again. With a sarcastic sense of humor, and many years of analysis, I will explain.

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Read the Book, then Watch It

When I see a movie coming out that I think I’d be interested, and I’m aware that it’s based on a book I haven’t read, I always make an effort to read the book first. If you haven’t done this, you are probably thinking something like “Why would you want to ruin the movie?”. This post is largely about answering that question, and possibly convincing you to give it a try if you have not.

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Save Net Neutrality

Included in this post are an entertaining piece from John Oliver’s HBO series that had me both laughing and hoisting a torch and a pitchfork, and the letter I received from “Demand Progress” on the upcoming Internet protest. FCC Chair Ajit Pai and his corrupt corporate greed backers that would take the “free” internet as we know it must be defeated.

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My Advice to Rock Stars, Amazon, Apple, etc.

Maybe there ARE bands that cave into the pressure put on by record producers who feel that they can make more money if they “soften the edge” of their music, or mimic whatever is trending. I have a lot of trouble imagining that. In fact, I choose not to believe that. I’m glad that bands I love like Linkin Park and Shinedown continue to evolve and try new things and stay fresh. It’s part of what makes them exceptional. Every artist should…

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My Ten-Year-Old Daughter was a Male Merchant Sailor in 1774

My daughter went on an overnight field trip as part of the Maritime Programs curriculum series through her elementary school. She went aboard the “California” as a male merchant sailor in the year 1774. I had a “parental assignment” of writing her a letter from home as if I too was living in the era. Being that I hadn’t let my creative lion roar in over two weeks (aka – work on my novel) I probably went a little overboard with it. I took the meat of what I knew of the Quiggle surname and family history, mixed in historically accurate names and facts about the area they settled in, threw in a dash of fiction, and made sausage.

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